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Certified physiotherapists will apply traditional Chinese pain relieving technique that has been proven to cure arthritis, sciatica, whiplash etc

Massage and Aromatherapy

Massage rejuvenates your muscles and diminishes pain. It is particularly effective and beneficial when stipulated in parallel with Aromatherapy.

Musculoskeletal Phsyiotherapy

Musculoskeletal physiotherapy is the treatment of muscles, tendons, bones, joints, and ligaments. For which, we devise personalized therapy procedures.

Pre-Operative Physiotherapy

Includes precise diagnosis of the location and severity of your pain, your own commitment, and any room for improvements prior to surgery

Medico Legal Examination

Our experts will take a through and in-depth examination of how the accident took place, what was the intensity of the impact, your reaction to it and the severity of pain and injury immediately following the incident. They will also keep in account if you have any previous medical conditions such as an accident, disease or a condition along with their approximate occurrence date.

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Medico Legal Reporting

We at Open Zone emphasize on finest quality, accurate and in-depth medico legal reporting to ensure that prognosis is well scripted and precisely presented. We develop an extensive range of medical reports that cater all your needs of a thorough representation of  essential facts.

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Musculoskeletal Phsyiotherapy

We are dedicated to serve every client at an individual level. Hence we do not depend on preset physiotherapy techniques or generalized treatment plans. Rather we analyze your situation, diagnose the point of concern, its severity, plus take your input to devise a personalized treatment procedure and schedule therapy sessions accordingly in order to target your area of pain more accurately.

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