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What is MedCo?

MedCo is a newly introduced system for the sourcing of medical reports concerning with soft tissue injury claims under RTA protocol. After 6th April 2015, it is a must to use MedCo Portal for sourcing of said medical reports under MoJ’s new Pre-Action Protocol for Low Value Personal Injury Claims in RTAs.

Benefits of Choosing Open Zone

·         Packed with professionally experienced experts that cover all major disciplines.

·         Administer high data security pertaining to safe and secure personal data transfer.

·         Foremost focus on claimant and the injury.

·         Premium level IT infrastructure complimenting our up-to-date functions to serve as conveniently as possible to you.

·         A portfolio of exceedingly satisfied clients rehabilitated from conditions of various nature.

How It Works?

Following are the steps you go through using MedCo

1.       First, you select whether to choose from MROs (Medical Reporting Oranization) or a Medical Expert

2.       MedCo offers solicitors with a list of seven randomly generated MRO’s choose from. One of which is a high volume national provider and other six being small scale regional MROs.

3.       If you instruct medical expert directly, you will be required to pay £180 for doing all administration and funding yourself.

Instructions: Claimant solicitors and insurers must all register for MedCo, please click here if you have not already registered.

MedCo FAQs