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Medico Legal Reporting

Medico Legal Reporting

We at Open Zone emphasize on finest quality, accurate and in-depth medico legal reporting to ensure that prognosis is well scripted and precisely presented. We develop an extensive range of medical reports of which few are listed below:

 -Injury Review report
This report is the summary of the complete prognosis and only provides conclusive and evident account of the sustained injuries, assisting the requirement of a descriptive assessment.

-Review of claimant injuries
An appropriate and clear review of the injuries sustained by the claimant, penning an apt prognosis alongside a notes review reference

-Detailed Review Report
A comprehensive more composite analysis of client’s injuries, containing a suitable prognosis with references to a greater volume of notes reviews.

 We collect as much facts as possible regarding the client’s injuries, the incident they were sustained in, and any medical history the client has ever been attached to. This helps us build a definite insight into client’s current medical condition. We then arrange all the facts in the most in-depth and wide-ranging analytical reports that are tailored in accordance with, and encompass the total details of, the client.