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Musculoskeletal Phsyiotherapy

Musculoskeletal Phsyiotherapy

We are dedicated to serve every client at an individual level. Hence we do not depend on preset physiotherapy techniques or generalized treatment plans. Rather we analyze your situation, diagnose the point of concern, its severity, plus take your input to devise a personalized treatment procedure and schedule therapy sessions accordingly in order to target your area of pain more accurately. In your treatment, the most important part is played by you not us. And we take your treatment one step ahead by showing and demonstrating exercises you will be performing yourself, making a swifter recovery. We provide treatment for a large variety of injuries including limb pain injuries, back pain, sciatica, neck pain and whiplash, dislocation and fractures, strain injuries etc.

Treatment techniques involve:

* Therapeutic exercise
* Mobilizations
* Soft tissue massage
* Electrotherapy
* Advice and education on posture/ movement disorders
* Advice on pain management