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Physiotherapy for Women’s Health

Physiotherapy for Women’s Health

There are certain health problems that specifically affect women at different times in their lives and require specialist physiotherapy.

Women can be associated with a number of health problems that affect them specifically:

Bladder "weakness"
Bladder weakness is a common health problem among women and they tend to avoid getting treatment thinking that surgery is the only mode for complete recovery. The adversity increases overtime as the age progresses or as the condition is left untreated for longer period. We have women specialist therapists there to take you through women specific programs in order to improve the bladder weakness and also to some extent, cure it.

Post natal
Your body is subject to quite a few affects during pregnancy and after childbirth. Back pain is one of complain women are tend to suffer during the antenatal period. We have a Pilates based tailored program that our women specialist experts will conduct once you have gone through childbirth. This program will help you regain your core shape, abdominal tone and strengthen your back to mitigate the issues of back strain.

Post surgery for Hysterectomy and Prolapse
The return to normality after surgery should always be taken cautiously, and women in general are not really considerate of the fact that your pelvic region, and the muscle group around is supposed to regain the strength and regularity not just by ordinary exercise but through professional guidance for a significant pick up in your road to rehabilitation after the surgery.  Low back pain, bladder and bowel issues are common symptoms post-surgery and require expert handling easing you to your daily life through a guided exercise program and simple adjustments to your daily life.